Deadly Dog Attacks


2017 Deadly Dog Attacks in the USA

Fast Stats for 2017

Number of people killed: 40

Fatalities by age category:

  • Chronological: Baby 10, Child 5, Adult 5, Middle age 3, Elderly 17
  • Ranked: Elderly 17, Baby 10, Child 5, Adult 5, Middle age 3

Fatalities by breed (number of dogs involved):

  • Alphabetical: Akita 1, Am Bulldog 1, Boerboel 1, Boxer 1, Giant Schnauzer 1, Great Dane 1, Husky 1, Labrador 1, Mastiff 3, Pit bull 54, Rottweiler 1, Shepherd 6, Unknown 8
  • Ranked: Pit bull 54, Unknown 8, Shepherd 6, Mastiff 3, Akita 1, Am Bulldog 1, Boerboel 1, Boxer 1, Giant Schnauzer 1, Great Dane 1, Husky 1, Labrador 1, Rottweiler 1

Fatalities by state:

  • Alphabetical: AL 2, AR 1, AZ 2, CA 2, CT 1, FL 2, GA 3, IL 2, KY 2, MA 1, MD 1, ME 1, MI 1, MS 1, MT 1, NC 2, NV 1, NY 1, OH 4, OK 1, PA 1, SC 1, TN 1, TX 3, VA 2
  • Ranked: OH 4, GA 3, TX 3, AL 2, AZ 2, CA 2, FL 2, IL 2, KY 2, NC 2, VA 2, AR 1, CT 1, MA 1, MD 1, ME 1, MI 1, MS 1, MT 1, NV 1, NY 1, OK 1, PA 1, SC 1, TN 1

2017 Dog Bite Related Fatalities

  1. 01/17/17 Skylar Julius, 2 months, of San Marcos TX died from 1 German Shepherd. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: The baby girl was attacked by the family dog while the father was sleeping. The baby had been napping in an infant bouncer next to him on the couch, but was on the floor and cold to the touch when he awoke. The baby's mother was at work at the time.
    Dog(s): The family had owned the male dog for more than 8-years and had raised the dog since it was a puppy.
    Owner(s): The victim's parents.

  2. 01/17/17 Logan Braatz, 6, of Atlanta GA died from 2 dogs (1 pit bull + 1 pit bull mix). Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Three children were attacked by two dogs on their way to the school bus stop. Some kids ran to pull the dogs off and neighbors intervened to rescue the children. The six year old died, a five year old girl was gravely injured and an older child got away with minor injuries.
    Dog(s): One dog was shot and later captured. The second dog was also seized.
    Owner(s): Cameron Tucker, 31, was arrested and charged with two counts of misdemeanor reckless conduct, and later, one count of felony involuntary manslaughter. A judge later reduced the charges to misdemeanor manslaughter.

  3. 02/13/17 Louise Hermida, 75, of Queens NY died from 1 Mastiff-Great Dane mix. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Victim was attacked by the family dog in the basement of her home, where she kept dogs. The dog also bit her 39-year old autistic son, who managed to escape to a neighbor's home to get help.
    Dog(s): The male dog, Boss, was adopted 6-years earlier from Animal Care and Control when the dog was about a year old. Two weeks before attacking its owner, Boss killed a small terrier in the neighborhood. Hermida had been planning to return the dog to the shelter because it was too aggressive and uncontrollable, but did not act soon enough. Family members said Hermida was trying to break up a fight between Boss and another dog when Boss attacked. Neighbors said the family kept up to ten dogs in the basement of their home.
    Owner(s): Victim.

  4. 02/16/17 Child John Doe, 5, of Clarksville TN died from 2 English Mastiffs. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: The child was attacked by two family dogs. The identity of the child was not publicly reported.
    Dog(s): The two dogs, both English mastiffs, were 6-months old.
    Owner(s): Victim's parents.

  5. 02/26/17 Jamie Owsley, 21, of Quincy IL died from 1 Pit bull. Refs: 1 2 3 4
    Incident: Victim was bitten on the neck by one of the three dogs owned by roommate and cousin, Talburt. Talburt grabbed the dog and put him in his kennel in his bedroom. With no defensive wounds, and a history of seizures, it was determined that the victim was probably in the middle of a seizure at the time of the attack.
    Dog(s): Hercules, the male pit bull that inflicted the attack (one of three pit bulls in the residence), had bitten three people before delivering a bite that killed Jamie Owsley. Hercules was euthanized on March 7, 2018.
    Owner(s): Kerry Talburt II, 22 years old. Five months later Talburt attacked another man and allowed his dogs to bite that man in the face. Talburt was also accused of pushing his thumb in one of the man's eyes. At that time, Talburt was charged with six felonies: home invasion, aggravated battery, reckless conduct, criminal trespass of a residence and two counts of obstructing justice. Talburt was sentenced to fifteen years in a plea deal for the second attack and a slew of related charges. The judge assigned three years to the 2017 aggravated battery charge. Talburt was also ordered to pay $13,476 in restitution.

  6. 02/27/17 Valentin Herrera, 76, of Los Angeles CA died from 2 Pit bulls. Refs: 1 2 3 4 5 6
    Incident: A neighbor's two male pit bulls attacked victim's Pomeranian, killing it. When the victim tried to intervene, the pit bulls knocked him down then mauled him. A witness said the owner watched the attack yet made no motions to help the victim. Victim died after three weeks in a coma, never regaining consciousness.
    Dog(s): The dogs were seized and labelled dangerous. Later the owner tried to reclaim his dogs. The dogs had previously killed another dog and the neighbors were in fear of the dogs.
    Owner(s): Undisclosed.

  7. 03/23/17 Jase Patrick Fohs, 8 months, of Lusby MD died from 1 Pit bull. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: The family dog attacked the victim, unprovoked, while under the care of a babysitter. Police arrived while the attack was still underway and shot/killed the dog. Victim's name was only mentioned in a GoFundMe post linked from various news articles.
    Dog(s): The 65# pit bull was 6-8 years old and the family had owned it since a puppy.
    Owner(s): Victim's parents.

  8. 04/06/17 Cecille Short, 82, of Oklahoma City OK died from 2 Pit bulls. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Victim was attacked by two dogs that escaped a neighbor's fenced yard while she was walking her own dog in her neighborhood. The victim was nearly decapitated. First responders were initially unable to help the victim so police officers fired on both dogs, killing one, and rammed the other with a vehicle.
    Dog(s): One pit bull survived and was taken into custody where it was to be held as evidence in the homicide investigation. The dogs belonged to a neighbor who lived about a block away. Animal control had received complaints about the dogs before. Neighbors had also issued their own warnings about these dogs. After a photograph of the dogs emerged from social media, there was confusion over the breed of the large white dog, an XXL pit bull or American bully, both are designer pit bull breeds.
    Owner(s): Antwon Demetris Burks, 31, was charged with second-degree manslaughter on May 10, 2017.

  9. 04/25/17 Maurice Brown, 60, of Dayton OH died from 1 Pit bull. Refs: 1 2 3 4 5
    Incident: Victim was walking in an alley when he was attacked by a dog that had broken from its chain. Police arrived during the attack and killed the dog. The victim was still alive when two police officers arrived, but they delayed checking on the victim for nine minutes and he died from blood loss.
    Dog(s): The attacking dog was shot and killed, and three other pit bulls were confiscated. One was adopted out and two were euthanized.
    Owner(s): 16 months later, Anthony D. Austin, 29, was convicted of a first-degree misdemeanor charge of failing to control his dog, and was sentenced to 100 days in jail, five years probation, and a prohibition against keeping any dogs. The police chief apologized in court for the actions of his officers in delaying assistance to the victim.

  10. 04/27/17 Lisa Green, 32, of Upper Macungie Township PA died from 1 Pit bull-Boxer mix. Refs: 1 2 3 4
    Incident: Victim was attacked by her own dog on her second-floor deck. A neighbor heard her scream for help and unsuccessfully attempted to intervene by hitting the dog with a ham bone and poking it with a wooden board. Eventually an off-duty police officer living nearby shot the dog, ending the attack. Green died in the hospital.
    Dog(s): The dog was shot by a neighbor, an off-duty police officer, then later euthanized. Victim owned the 3.5-year old dog, named Leon, for about two-and-a-half years. Two years earlier, victim's dog attacked another neighbor's Husky. Another man's grandson had been bitten in the face by the same dog several years ago, but it had not been reported, so the dog was never placed on the state's dangerous dog list.
    Owner(s): Victim.

  11. 05/01/17 Jane Marie Egle, 59, of Asheville NC died from 1 Boerboel. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Victim was found dead in her house with injuries that are consistent with a dog attack. She was found dead by her daughter who said one dog was "extremely aggressive".
    Dog(s): The most aggressive dog, Moyo, was dispatched on site to allow responders to reach the victim. Another seven Boerbols were seized and euthanized.
    Owner(s): Victim, who was a breeder and seller of Boerbols.

  12. 05/08/17 Kamiko Dao Tsuda-Saelee, 6 months, of Las Vegas NV died from 1 Pit bull. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Victim was playing in a baby walker when the mother went to the bathroom. Upon returning, she found her pet dog of nine years biting the baby.
    Dog(s): The male pit bull, named Mana, had been with the family for nine years. The dog was euthanized.
    Owner(s): The victim's parents.

  13. 05/12/17 Sandra Keiser, 71, of Redding CT died from 1 Unknown. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Victim was attacked by her own dog in her home.
    Dog(s): The dog had been living in the victim's home for six years.
    Owner(s): Victim.

  14. 05/25/17 Susannah Murray, 3 weeks, of Grand Rapids MI died from 3 Pit bulls. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Victim was left alone in a bouncy chair "for five minutes" with three pit bulls loose in the house.
    Dog(s): The dogs were euthanized. All three dogs had been adopted by this family as rescues.
    Owner(s): The victim's parents.

  15. 06/01/17 Margaret Colvin, 91, of Virginia Beach VA died from 1 Pit bull. Refs: 1 2 3 4 5 6
    Incident: The dog had been adopted just hours before from a rescue, wearing a shock collar. The victim's daughter removed the shock collar and the dog pounced. The daughter hit the dog with a hammer and a cast iron skillet, to no avail. The victim was gutted and had an arm amputated before fatally succumbing to her injuries.
    Dog(s): Male pit bull, neutered, 1.5 years, had a long bite history and had been sent for training/rehabilitation for 2-3 months, but it didn't work. He had been imported from New York state. He was adopted out two more times, and returned, before being adopted to the victim's family.
    Owner(s): Jamie Cochran, the 33-year old owner of Forever Home Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, was been charged with 10 misdemeanors for importing animals without a veterinary inspection certificate, according to the Virginia Commonwealth Attorney’s Office. More charges may follow once the investigation is complete. The rescue was known for obtaining violent dogs from kill-shelters and rehoming them in mere hours.
    Further: Because of this death, Virginia passed a law requiring disclosure of a dog's bite history upon adoption.

  16. 06/09/17 Marcos Raya Jr, 18 months, of Phoenix AZ died from 1 Rottweiler. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Victim was attacked by the family dog while her grandmother was doing laundry and opened a door which allowed the dog access to the baby. The dog took the baby outside and the grandmother was unable to stop the attack. An officer shot the dog, injuring it.
    Dog(s): The father had owned the male Rottweiler for 3 years. The dog was shot and injured on site, was impounded, and later euthanized.
    Owner(s): Victim's father.

  17. 06/27/17 Melissa Barnes, 65, of Bozeman MT died from 2 dogs (1 pit bull + 1 pit bull mix). Refs: 1 2 3 4
    Incident: Victim was working in her yard when the tenant's children exited the house with the dogs. Victim was attacked and passed away three days later. Victim was on life support for several days to await rabies test results so organ donation could proceed.
    Dog(s): Bane, a 6-year old male pit bull and Kitty, a 13-year old female pit bull-mix -- were surrendered and put down, allowing the rabies tests to proceed. Neither dog had been vaccinated for rabies.
    Owner(s): Wayne Bartlett, the tenant, was ordered to pay $15,500 in restitution to the victim's family.

  18. 07/11/17 Vinson Tucker, 79, of Whitley City KY died from 4+ dogs (1 pit bull + 3 others). Refs: 1 2 3
    Incident: Victim died outside a wrecker tow yard when he arrived to visit the owner, who was not there. Camera footage showed the dogs which attacked him.
    Dog(s): A neighbor shot 2 dogs, police shot a third, and the fourth ran off. All of the dogs were euthanized and sent for rabies testing.
    Owner(s): Mike Stephens, owner of Stephens Towing and Wrecker Service.

  19. 07/20/17 Michael Parks, 60, of Fostoria OH died from 1 Pit bull. Refs: 1 2 3
    Incident: Victim let out his pit bull and it ran off his property and attacked another pit bull being walked on leash. Victim tried to break up the ensuing fight but was bitten near his recently installed dialysis shunt, causing profuse bleeding. The attacked dog was badly mangled.
    Dog(s): The Seneca County Dog Warden took Parks' pit bull, named Mia, into custody.
    Owner(s): Victim.

  20. 07/27/17 Jacob Brooks, 4, of El Paso TX died from 4 dogs (1 pit bull + 3 shepherd mixes). Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Victim's mother left the child unattended in an enclosed tampoline. The boy got out of the enclosure and was mauled by one or more of the four family dogs roaming in the backyard.
    Dog(s): Animal control seized four dogs involved in the attack, described as one pit bull and three shepherd-mixes. Neighbors said the family's dogs were aggressive and had escaped their property before.
    Owner(s): On September 29, 2017 authorities arrested and charged the victim's parents, Brittany Brooks, 27, and Ashley Brooks, 29, with felony Injury to a Child.

  21. 08/01/17 Paris Adams, 20 months, of Hartwell GA died from 2 Pit bulls. Refs: 1 2 3
    Incident: Grandmother and her young grandson were bowled over by two of their pit bulls which then attacked the child. Grandmother and mother were breeding the pit bulls and had previously been cited multiple times for disorderly animals. Instead of calling 911, the grandmother drove the baby to her daughter's house, and from there to a urgent care facility where the victim was pronounced dead.
    Dog(s): The dogs were confiscated, were to be observed for 24-48 hours, then euthanized.
    Owner(s): Sandra Adams, 70, was charged with second-degree murder, second-degree cruelty to children and involuntary manslaughter. In March 2018, Sandra Adams pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 10 years probation. During 2013-2015, Adams had been cited at least six times about these same two pit bulls running at large and being aggressive.

  22. 08/06/17 Baby John Doe, 3 weeks, of Bangor ME died from 1 Husky-Shepherd mix. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: The parents, child and dog were sleeping together in a room while visiting relatives. The parents woke up to find the dog attacking the baby. Victim died 8 days after being attacked.
    Dog(s): The dog was to be euthanized.
    Owner(s): Victim's parents. No charges were to be filed.

  23. 08/19/17 Michael Obergas, 8 weeks, of Houston TX died from 2 dogs (1 Giant Schnauzer mix + 1 Labrador Retriever mix). Refs: 1 2
    Incident: The parents had stepped away and the dogs opened the door to the bedroom where the baby boy slept in a bassinet.
    Dog(s): The two male family dogs, a giant schnauzer and labrador both named Jack, were surrendered to BARC, Houston's animal control agency. It could not be determine which of the dogs attacked the infant, so both dogs were euthanized.
    Owner(s): Victim's parents. No charges were filed.

  24. 08/26/17 Alicia Malagon, 76, of Fountain FL died from 1 Pit bull. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Victim was killed by one of her daughter's and son-in-law's pit bulls that she was tending while the owners were out of town. She had brought her own Dachshund to the house that day to tend the pit bulls. A pit bull attacked the Dachshund and victim was mortally wounded attempting to break up the fight. Victim was able to crawl to a phone and place a call before passing out.
    Dog(s): The attacking dog was seized.
    Owner(s): Victim's daughter and son-in-law.

  25. 08/27/17 Grace Walks, 41, of Lake Worth FL died from 2 dogs (1 American Bulldog, 1 Pit bull). Refs: 1 2 3
    Incident: Victim was found by the next door neighbor in victim's fenced backyard along with the two dogs.
    Dog(s): 6-year old male American bulldog, named Max, and a 9-year old female pit bull, named Holly. Both dogs were put down and tested negative for rabies.
    Owner(s): Family dogs. Officially registered to victim's mother-in-law (same residence).

  26. 09/20/17 Connie Storey, 61, of Neshoba County MS died from 1 Pit bull. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Connie was attacked by her son's dog when she went outside to feed it.
    Dog(s): The victim's son said the dog had attacked him previously. The pit bull was euthanized.
    Owner(s): Josh Storey, victim's son. No charges have been filed.

  27. 09/20/17 Barrett Hagans, 1 month, of Mount Vernon OH died from 1 Pit bull. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Father woke up to discover his 7-year old pit bull having mauled the child. It was the first night the baby had stayed at his father's house.
    Dog(s): The Knox County Dog Warden's Office removed two pit bulls from the residence. Both dogs were "euthanized for examination" by a court-ordered search warrant.
    Owner(s): Teddy Hagans: Knox County Prosecutor declined to file any charges.

  28. 09/28/17 Kathy Sue Nichelson, 61, of Cherry Log GA died from 1 Pit bull. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Victim was attacked by her friend's dog when she arrived at the friend's residence. A passerby tried to render aid, was bitten in the face, escaped over the top of a vehicle and called 911.
    Dog(s): The dog was shot and killed when it approached responders aggressively. There had been complaints to animal control of an aggressive dog at the residence, and the dog had acted aggressively towards somebody at the residence the same morning.
    Owner(s): Dante Holloway was arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter and reckless conduct. While being arrested at a traffic stop, deputies also found small bags in his vehicle commonly for narcotic use (one bag tested positive for methamphetamine).

  29. 10/21/17 Javien Candelario, 7, of Lowell MA died from 2 Pit bulls. Refs: 1 2 3
    Incident: Javien walked up to an enclosure to pet the two dogs, he was grabbed and dragged over the fence and into the enclosure where he was mauled. Five police officersresponded, too late to save the boy but soon enough to be traumatized by witnessing the mauling. There were about 15 witnesses, including the victim's mother and older brother.
    Dog(s): The police tried to shoot the dogs, one jumped the fence and ran a mile before being cornered and shot "in a hail of gunfire".
    Owner(s): Undisclosed.

  30. 10/30/17 Sharon Lindemann, 75, of Hartman AR died from 2 Pit bulls (suspected). Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Victim was discovered laying dead in her driveway by her sister.
    Dog(s): DNA tests are being performed to see if the bites match 2 pit bulls that were shot and killed after killing a horse nearby.
    Owner(s): Unknown.

  31. 11/03/17 Sophia Booth, 2 weeks, of Cleveland OH died from 1 German Shepherd. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: The baby girl was killed by the family dog in her bedroom. The dog escaped from the kitchen area where he was fenced in, and bit the baby girl who was in a bedroom on the first floor.
    Dog(s): The family shepherd was taken into custody.
    Owner(s): Family.

  32. 11/04/17 David Baber, 65, of Hamlet NC died from 2 Pit bull and a mixed breed dog. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Victim was killed by two of his dogs in the backyard of his home. He owned three other dogs and lived alone. A 9 year old boy who lived next door attempted to stop the attack by throwing bricks at the dogs.
    Dog(s): The two dogs, a male pit bull and a mixed-breed dog, were captured by police and taken into custody.
    Owner(s): Victim.

  33. 11/29/17 Tracy Patterson Cornelius, 46, of Guntersville AL died from 4 Pit bulls. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: A woman was being attacked by four pit bulls while walking in a neighborhood. Cornelius ran out to intervene, but was instead attacked by the dogs, which belonged to her brother who lived two doors down from her. The female victim sustained serious injuries. The attack occurred on the dog owner's property, which was not fenced and contained a "Beware of dog" sign. At least one dog was contained by way of a leash. There are no ordinances requiring leashes or fences in the area.
    Dog(s): Seven pit bulls were captured or killed by police; all but one belonged to the same owner.
    Owner(s): In March 2018, Doyle Simpson Patterson Jr., 47, and Amanda Dawn Albright, 40, were arrested after a grand jury indicted them on charges of manslaughter and second-degree assault. The DA said the dog mauling case went to the grand jury because the owners failed to properly contain pits bull that were known to be aggressive, resulting in a fatal attack.

  34. 12/01/17 Korbin Williams, 8, of Gaffney SC died from 3 Mixed breed. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Victim and his friend were walking in his neighborhood when they were attacked by three dogs. Korbin was pronounced dead at the scene; the other child was taken to a hospital for bites to his leg. Korbin was familiar with the dogs, played with them daily, and had just fed them before the attack. His mother was caring for the dogs while their owner was out of town and they escaped from a fence.
    Owner(s): Family friend.

  35. 12/07/17 Emily Colvin, 24, of Jackson County AL died from 5 Pit bulls. Refs: 1 2 3 4 5
    Incident: Victim was killed, and another woman injured, when five dogs from her neighbor's house attacked them while walking.
    Dog(s): Four of the dogs were ordered to be euthanized.
    Owner(s): The owners of five pit bulls that killed a 24-year old woman in early December have been charged with criminally negligent homicide, a misdemeanor. A Jackson County grand jury indicted Brian Keith Graden, 43, and Melody Ann Graden, 45, in connection to the death of Emily Mae Colvin. Both were booked into the Jackson County jail. In addition to the negligent homicide charge, both Gradens were charged with four counts of failure to vaccinate for rabies. The Gradens face a maximum penalty of one year in jail if they are convicted. Felony charges could not be brought against the Gradens due to insufficient state laws.
    Further: Emily's horrific death prompted Alabama lawmakers to pass a bill that imposes felony charges under certain conditions when a dog seriously injures or kills a person. Governor Kay Ivey signed the new legislation into law in late March. In Alabama, criminally negligent homicide is a Class A misdemeanor.

  36. 12/11/17 Dorothy Ford, 76, of Alsip IL died from 1 Pit bull. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Victim was attacked by the 6-year-old family dog on her rear deck.
    Dog(s): The dog acted aggressively towards police officers at the scene and was shot and killed.
    Owner(s): Family.

  37. 12/14/17 Bethany Stephens, 22, of Goochland County VA died from 2 Pit bulls. Refs: 1 2 3
    Incident: Stephens was attacked by her two dogs while taking them for a walk in a wooded area. Her father says the dogs appeared to be "guarding" her body when he found them; deputies witnessed the dogs eating her remains.
    Dog(s): The dogs were 2˝-year-old males from the same litter, and one had been rescued by Stephens. Both have been euthanized with the family's permission.
    Owner(s): Victim.

  38. 12/20/17 Carol Harris, 69, of Phoenix AZ died from 1 Akita. Refs: 1 2 3
    Incident: Victim was attacked at a dog boarding facility while working to rehab a dog for an Akita rescue she worked with.
    Dog(s): The dog was euthanized and sent for rabies testing.
    Owner(s): Victim and/or an Akita rescue.

  39. 12/24/17 Lorraine Saylor, 66, of Arjay KY died from 2 Pit bulls. Refs: 1 2 3
    Incident: Victim was killed by a neighbor's two loose dogs outside her home in the early morning. The victim's husband was attacked when he went looking for his wife. His brother distracted the dogs by throwing bottles at them, which allowed the husband to retreat into the home. He shot at both dogs, killing one and wounding the other.
    Dog(s): Victim's husband killed one of the dogs on site. The second dog was put down by the Sheriff's Dept and Animal Shelter when it returned to its home.
    Owner(s): Johnny Dale Lankford, 42, was sentenced to one year for "harboring a vicious animal."

  40. 12/28/17 Deborah Onsurez, 56, of Modesto CA died from 7 Pit bull mix. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Victim was killed by a pack of seven loose dogs of various breeds and mixed breeds while outside near the driveway of a business. The incident was captured by security cameras.
    Dog(s): Five of the dogs were quickly located; 2 had been hit by cars, 3 were captured. Two more were trapped in the following days. A photograph of three of the dogs look like pit bull mixes. Media reported the dogs as "a variety of mix-breeds, including: doberman pinscher, German shepherd, Queensland heeler, labrador and pit bull." The remaining dogs were aggressive and expected to be euthanized.
    Owner(s): Unknown.

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