Deadly Dog Attacks


2018 Deadly Dog Attacks in the USA

Fast Stats for 2018

Number of people killed: 36

Fatalities by age category:

  • Chronological: Baby 11, Child 4, Adult 1, Middle age 11, Elderly 9
  • Ranked: Baby 11, Middle age 11, Elderly 9, Child 4, Adult 1

Fatalities by breed (number of dogs involved):

  • Alphabetical: Dogo Argentino 2, Labrador 1, Mastiff 2, Pit bull 47, Presa Canario 1, Rottweiler 2, Shepherd 1, Wolf hybrid 1
  • Ranked: Pit bull 47, Dogo Argentino 2, Mastiff 2, Rottweiler 2, Labrador 1, Presa Canario 1, Shepherd 1, Wolf hybrid 1

Fatalities by state:

  • Alphabetical: CA 3, DC 1, FL 4, GA 1, IL 1, KY 2, LA 1, MD 2, MI 1, MO 1, MS 1, NC 4, NV 2, OH 1, OK 2, OR 1, PA 3, TX 3, VA 1, WI 1
  • Ranked: FL 4, NC 4, CA 3, PA 3, TX 3, KY 2, MD 2, NV 2, OK 2, DC 1, GA 1, IL 1, LA 1, MI 1, MO 1, MS 1, OH 1, OR 1, VA 1, WI 1

2018 Dog Bite Related Fatalities

  1. 01/09/18 Laura Williams Ray, 53, of West Monroe LA died from 1 Pit bull. Refs: 1 2 3
    Incident: Shelter worker cleaning cage of pit bull. was killed by the dog at a pet boarding facility, Happy Hounds Hotel, where she worked. It was the dog's first stay at the facility; its owner later said the dog had never done anything like that before.
    Dog(s): Confiscated by Ouachita Parish Animal Control, then euthanized several days later.
    Owner(s): Name not released. A boarder at the kennel.

  2. 01/14/18 Rylee Marie Dodge, 3, of Duncan OK died from 1 Pit bull. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Child went out front to play with the doggie. Rylee was killed in her own home by a dog her family had acquired only five days earlier.
    Dog(s): Dispatched by police on scene.
    Owner(s): Jason Dodge, father of victim.

  3. 02/15/18 David Brown, 46, of Owensboro KY died from 1 Pit bull. Refs: 1 2 3
    Incident: Pit attacked family beagle, couple tried to stop fight, pit attacked both adults, killed man, wounded woman and Dachshund.
    Dog(s): Police shot the pit bull and tasered the Beagle. Beagle and dachshund rehomed.
    Owner(s): Victim himself, David Brown.

  4. 03/07/18 Baby of unknown name, 8 days, of Lee County VA died from 1 Wolf hybrid. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: 3 year old dog attacked baby in bassinet in bedroom while mother was preparing lunch in kitchen.
    Dog(s): Confiscated, surrendered, euthanized.
    Owner(s): Parents of the victim. No charges were filed.

  5. 03/09/18 Loxli Chavez, 13 months, of Cape Girardeau Co MO died from 1 Pit bull mix. Refs: 1 2 3 4 5
    Incident: Loxli was at babysitter Erica Jordan's home when she was attacked by her neutered male dog, which bit into the infant's skull and continued attacking as Jordan struggled to stop it and continued attacking as Jordan struggled to stop it.
    Dog(s): Impounded, destined for euthanizing. Though the dog was described by Jordan's brother as "part pit bull, Labrador and Malamute" mix it was called a "pit bull mix" by Jordan herself on multiple occasions, including in 2016 when the same dog bit her own 6 yr old son.
    Owner(s): Babysitter Erica Jordan pled guilty and was sentenced to four years in prison for Involuntary Manslaughter-2nd Degree.

  6. 03/25/18 Hong Saengsamly, 49, of Milwaukee WI died from 2 Pit bulls. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Victim was killed by her own dogs. Her adult son discovered her body later.
    Dog(s): 1 Shot/killed by adult son.
    Owner(s): Victim herself, Hong Saengsamly.

  7. 03/25/18 Noah Trevino, 4, of Converse TX died from 1 Pit bull mix. Refs: 1 2 3 4
    Incident: The boy was playing in the backyard of his home when the family dog attacked and killed him. The dog was tethered at the time of the attack.
    Dog(s): Was described as a "pit bull mix" by a family member, and as a "mixed large-breed dog" by Bexar County Animal Control who seized the dog and intends to euthanize it.
    Owner(s): Family of victim.

  8. 05/05/18 Gaia Nova, 3 months, of Los Angeles CA died from 1 of a rottweiler, labrador retriever, and small terrier. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: The baby girl was attacked and killed by a family dog when her grandmother left the room to get a bottle. The family had three dogs - a Rottweiler (98 lbs), a Labrador Retriever (89 lbs), and a small terrier (10 lbs). Authorities are not sure which of the three dogs was responsible, but it is likely that one (or both) of the family's larger dogs was responsible.
    Dog(s): AC confiscated all 3 dogs.
    Owner(s): Family of victim.

  9. 05/10/18 Tracy Garcia, 52, of Ardmore OK died from 7 dogs (1 Pit bull + 6 Pit mixes). Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Victim was attacked by neighbor's 7 dogs.
    Dog(s): 1 shot/killed. 6 confiscated, surrendered, euthanized.
    Owner(s): Neighbor of victim.

  10. 05/16/18 Georgia Ruth Morgan, 75, of Gulfport MS died from 2 Pit bulls. Refs: 1 2 3
    Incident: Vic entered neighbor fenced yard; dogs attacked.
    Dog(s): Surrendered dogs; euthanized.
    Owner(s): The neighbor, Emily Craft, was later arrested on charges of "dog at large" and "vicious animal".

  11. 05/24/18 Gauge Allen Eckenrode, 6, of Altoona PA died from 1 Pit bull. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Vic attacked in the yard, mother discovered.
    Dog(s): Father stabbed attacking dog. Police shot the dog dead. The dog was a "rescued pit bull" and had belonged to the family for several years, and the family asked authorities to take away their other dog.
    Owner(s): Victim's family dog.

  12. 05/26/18 Bradley Cline, 62, of Henderson NV died from 2 Pit bulls. Refs: 1
    Incident: Victim's household had 4 pit bulls. Vic was taking female outside when he was attacked by 2 male 1 yr old pit bulls. Attack lasted about 20 minutes. Victim died 3 days later.
    Dog(s): Both attacking dogs were euthanized. They had been adopted September 19, 2017 from the Henderson Animal Shelter. The owner had tried to rehome the males three months before the attack.
    Owner(s): Victim's son's dogs.

  13. 05/30/18 Liana Valino, 9 months, of Miramar FL died from 1 Pit bull. Refs: 1 2 3
    Incident: Infant was attacked by one of the three pit bulls while in a bouncy chair at her grandmother's house. The grandmother was in the same room at the time.
    Dog(s): Police seized all three pit bulls from thehousehold. One was turned over to the county. No news on the other two.
    Owner(s): Victim's grandmother's dogs.

  14. 06/10/18 Paige Bradley, 5 months, of Forest Park GA died from 1 German Shepherd. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: The mother put the baby girl down to sleep on a bed and went out for errands, leaving her child with her roommate. The roommate fell asleep in another part of the house. When the mother returned, the dog had mauled the infant to death.
    Dog(s): Surrendered, euthanized.
    Owner(s): No charges will be filed.

  15. 06/21/18 Jenna Rae Sutphin, 28, of Huntingtown MD died from 1 Dogo Argentino. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Victim was attacked and killed by one of her dogs, a Dogo Argentino that she owned with her fiance. She was found outside of her home early in the morning and died later that day. Her fiance is a K-9 officer and they owned two Dogo Argentinos (both family dogs) that were being used as a breeding pair.
    Dog(s): Shot and killed by a responding Maryland State Police trooper. The dog had been with them for 4 years.

  16. 06/25/18 Donald Steele, 91, of Arcata CA died from 1 Pit bull mix. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Vic and vic's son's g/f were attacked by vic's son's dog.
    Dog(s): Euthanized, rabies neg.
    Owner(s): Victim's son's dog.

  17. 07/17/18 Jaelah Smith, 6, of Jacksonville FL died from 1 Pit bull mix. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Jaelah was attacked on Sunday, July 15 by a dog that her family was dog sitting and she died of her injuries several days later. The family was watching the dog while its owner was on vacation.
    Dog(s): Removed from home, along with a second dog, a Rottweiler mix.
    Owner(s): Owned by a friend of the family.

  18. 08/01/18 Javon Torres, 2, of Philadelphia PA died from 3 Pit bulls. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Victim was savagely attacked by three pit bulls in the home of his babysitter.
    Dog(s): All shot, 2 of 3 died, 1 injured.
    Owner(s): All five pit bulls were owned by housemate Rebecca Olan.

  19. 08/04/18 Karen Brown, 57, of Chicago IL died from 1 Pit bull. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Victim was attacked by a loose pit bull that had been kept crated in an unfenced backyard by owners who kept multiple dogs in crates.
    Dog(s): Shot and killed by police (30 rounds discharged).
    Owner(s): Owner fled.

  20. 08/09/18 Olga Rekhson, 64, of Montgomery Co NC died from 2 Pit bulls. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Victim went for a walk. She was discovered a few hours later, deceased on the side of an unused road within the development. Two pit bulls were located with physical evidence of a recent attack.
    Dog(s): AC quarantined 2 dogs. Owner surrendered the dogs to be euthanized and tested for rabies.
    Owner(s): Undisclosed.

  21. 08/18/18 Gurney Walker, 75, of Rocky Mount NC died from 1 Pit bull. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Victim had been staying at the home of the owner of the pit bull. The owner called 911 but the victim passed away before police arrived.
    Dog(s): No information.
    Owner(s): Housemate of victim.

  22. 08/22/18 Della Riley, 42, of Cincinnati OH died from 1 Pit bull. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Victim was attacked and killed by her own pit bull in her home. A Rottweiler in the home was not involved.
    Dog(s): Shot by responding officers.
    Owner(s): Victim herself.

  23. 09/03/18 Robin Conway, 64, of Columbia MD died from 1 Pit bull. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Victim was killed in her backyard by a pit bull she had adopted just two weeks previously.
    Dog(s): Euthanized. (Dog was previously a shelter bouncer).
    Owner(s): Victim herself.

  24. 09/06/18 Teena Mawhorter, 74, of Mount Shasta CA died from 1 Pit bull mix. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Elderly victim was attacked and killed by the family pit bull while sitting in her kitchen when she reached under the table to pet the dog. Her daughter was injured trying to stop the attack.
    Dog(s): Euthanized.
    Owner(s): Family dog.

  25. 09/09/18 Mitchelle Dean Segerdahl, 53, of Baker City OR died from 6 Pit bulls. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Victim was attacked by one or many of his six pit bulls in his home. By the time police arrived, two of the six pit bulls were dead from fighting each other.
    Dog(s): 2 of 6 died at the scene by dog fight. The other four were impounded and euthanized.
    Owner(s): Victim himself.

  26. 10/01/18 Susan Sweeney, 58, of Las Vegas NV died from 1 Presa Canario X Mastiff . Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Susan was attacked and killed by a dog that she had recently adopted from a shelter. Her husband found her body in their home and called the police.
    Dog(s): Euthanized at Animal Foundation at request of victim's husband.
    Owner(s): Family dog.

  27. 10/05/18 Khloe Ann Williams, 7 months, of Clearwater FL died from 1 Pit bull mix. Refs: 1 2 3 4 5
    Incident: Foster-grandmother opened dog kennel. Attacked baby in her car seat on the couch.
    Dog(s): PCAS quarantine, then euthanized.
    Owner(s): Investigation into the delayed call to 911 (foster-grandmother/babysitter never called 911) lead to no charges.

  28. 10/12/18 Denali Gonzalez, 2, of Alvin TX died from 1 Pit bull. Refs: 1 2 3
    Incident: Vic went into backyard to play with dog. Died on scene by a single bite to the throat.
    Dog(s): Aggressive on scene, dog was tranquilized then euthanized on site.
    Owner(s): Family dog. No charges.

  29. 10/14/18 Angela Smith, 55, of Southeast DC died from 1 Pit bull. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: The victim's husband left the home for a 15 minute walk. On returning, he found his wife mauled by the family dog. Victim's mother in law was present in the home, but sleeping in another room. There were no witnesses of the attack.
    Dog(s): The dog attempted to bite responding officers. Sent to Humane Rescue Alliance, then euthanized.
    Owner(s): Rob Frazier, victim's husband, had owned the dog for 8 years.

  30. 10/27/18 Kristie Kelley, 44, of Greenville TX died from 1 Dogo Argentino. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Vic alone, found by husband, died after 4 days in hospital.
    Dog(s): Husband re-penned the dog and shot it to death with a shotgun. The male dog was one of a breeding pair the couple owned.
    Owner(s): Victim and husband owned the dog.

  31. 10/28/18 Triniti Harrell, 1, of Rocky Mount NC died from 1 Pit bull. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Victim was attacked by the family's dog of six years. 911 operator assisted the mother in trying to get the dog off.
    Dog(s): Shot twice by police. Died.
    Owner(s): Family dog.

  32. 11/02/18 April Collins, 45, of Winchester KY died from 1 Pit bull. Refs: 1 2 3
    Incident: Husband arrived home to discover his wife had been attacked by their dog.
    Dog(s): Dog held at Clark County Humane Society. The victim had been bitten several times previously by the dog; family and friends said the dog had violent tendencies.
    Owner(s): Victim's husband was charged with first-degree wanton endangerment.

  33. 11/04/18 Nora Sharp, 19 months, of Windsor Township PA died from 1 Bullmastiff. Refs: 1 2 3
    Incident: The toddler was attacked by the family dog at home while the parents were present.
    Dog(s): Dog euthanized.
    Owner(s): Family dog.

  34. 11/11/18 Cecileigh Garris, 5 days, of Dunnellon FL died from 1 Pit bull. Refs: 1 2 3
    Incident: A family dog jumped onto a bed beside its owner's newborn daughter to attack the baby in her bassinet.
    Dog(s): Dog euthanized by Citrus County Animal Shelter.
    Owner(s): Family dog. No criminal charges expected.

  35. 11/13/18 Sharon Daniels, 77, of Big Prairie Township MI died from 3 Pit bulls. Refs: 1 2
    Incident: Elderly, disabled, wheelchair bound woman was found dead in her home with three pit bulls (owned by her grandson).
    Dog(s): 3 pit bulls were seized by Newaygo County Animal Control.
    Owner(s): Family dog, owned by victim's grandson.

  36. 12/10/18 Esta Currier, 73, of Robeson County NC died from 4 Rottweilers. Refs: 1 2 3
    Incident: Deputies found the adult victim dead near the road. Two of the victim's grandchildren had also been attacked but were being protected by neighbors. The dogs had escaped their fenced yard.
    Dog(s): All 4 Rotts were shot by deputies.
    Owner(s): Dogs were owned by the brother of the elderly victim.

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