2020 Deadly Dog Attacks in the USA

Fast-stats: 2020 USA

Number of people killed: 7

  • (As of 02/11/2020) At this rate, we're on track for a record 62 fatalities in the year 2020!

Pit bull involvement:

  • 86% (5 out of 7) of the fatalities involved Pit bulls or Pit bull mixes
  • 83% (4 out of 5) of the pitbull-involved deaths were attacks on the dog's owner or a household member

Fatalities by breed*:

  • Alphabetical: Pit bull 7, Unknown 4+

  • Ranked: Pit bull 7, Unknown 4+

    * Note: These counts represents number of dogs involved, not number of human deaths. Mixed-breed dogs are counted once for each named breed. Non-specific mongrels are counted as 'Unknown'.

Fatalities by age category:

  • Chronological: Baby 2, Child 1, Adult 1, Middle age 2, Elderly 1

  • Ranked: Baby 2, Middle age 2, Child 1, Adult 1, Elderly 1

Fatalities by state:

  • Alphabetical: CA 1, IN 1, IL 1, KY 1, NM 1, OH 1, MS 1

  • Ranked: CA 1, IN 1, IL 1, KY 1, NM 1, OH 1, MS 1

2020 Dog Bite Related Fatalities

  1. 01/08/2020 Kay Torres, 52, of Taos Pueblo NM USA died from Unknown Unknown.
    Incident: Victim was found being attacked by dogs and was declared dead.
    Dog(s): Authorities did not log how many dogs were involved or if they were later captured.

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  2. 01/09/2020 McKenzie Terwell, 4 months, of Dayton OH USA died from 1 Pit bull.
    Incident: Victim had been sleeping on the couch with her mother. Father arrived home and found baby dead on the floor and the mother was still asleep.
    Dog(s): A pit bull in the house was seized. There were other pit bulls kept in the back yard.
    Owner(s): Parents of the victim.

    Sources: D 1 2 3 4

  3. 01/10/2020 Donald Abner, 55, of Rockcastle County KY USA died from 1 Pit bull.
    Incident: Victim was attacked by his friend Melissa Wolke, who was seen on top of him, hitting him and commanding her dog to attack him. Responders tazed Wolke and shot the dog in order to stop the attack.
    Dog(s): The dog was shot on scene. Wolke said the dog was a former fighting pit bull.
    Owner(s): Melissa Wolke was arrested for murder and other charges. She was allegedly drunk at the time of the attack.

    Sources: D 1 2 3 4

  4. 01/25/2020 Julian Connell, 1 month, of Lafayette IN USA died from 1 Pit bull mix.
    Incident: The family pit bull and beagle were fighting in a room where the baby was laying. The baby's teenage brother was able to separate the dogs and remove the pit bull from the room, but soon saw that the baby had been bitten.
    Dog(s): Responders killed the pit bull, which was standing over the infant, in order to render aid.
    Owner(s): Family of the victim

    Sources: D 1 2 3 4

  5. 01/30/2020 Harvey Harmon Jr, 76, of Attala County MS USA died from 4 2 pit bulls + 2 mixed-breed dogs.
    Incident: Victim was in his front yard and had been pulled from his wheelchair by the four dogs, according to responders.
    Dog(s): Three of the dogs were put down at the scene. One had escaped.
    Owner(s): The two pit bulls belonged to the victim's nephew, who lived with the victim. The other two dogs, described as mixed-breeds, were strays that hung around.
    Further: The nearby town had recently repealed its regulations for keeping pit bulls, wolf hybrids, dobermans, rottweilers, and guard and attack dogs.

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  6. 02/10/2020 Sterling Vermeer, 5, of Ora Grande CA USA died from 1 Pit bull.
    Incident: Victim was attacked and killed by a pit bull being kept on the property. An adult family member (name and relationship withheld) witnessed the attack and called 911. The dog latched onto the victim's neck and wouldn't let go.
    Dog(s): "Thor" was seized.
    Owner(s): Family of the victim

    Sources: D 1 2 3 4

  7. 02/11/2020 Devin White, 25, of Plainfield IL USA died from 1 Pit bull.
    Incident: Victim died in a four-person attack where a 52 yr old woman, a 25 yr old woman and a 19 yr old man were also injured.
    Dog(s): Euthanized on scene.
    Owner(s): The victims.

    Sources: D 1 2 3

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